7 Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Canberra

Are you considering installing some panels in Canberra? We know what you’re thinking, “Are there any benefits to solar panels?” “Are they worth my time?” Knowing the right answer can be tricky, especially when you find conflicting opinions.

What do we suggest? Get your information from a professional!

So without further ado, here are the benefits of installing solar panels in Canberra.

1. Getting solar panels in Canberra reduces your electricity bill

Installing solar panels in Canberra is cost-effective and can even wipe out your whole bill in some cases! Based on the average annual bill the ACT of $2000, your panels will be able to pay themselves off in around 4 years. In cases where you use double the average, you get a return on your investment much sooner!

And with average manufacturer warranties of 20-25 years for your panel’s output, your panels will save you a lot in the long-term.

Even if you don’t use a lot of power, it doesn’t mean solar panels are a waste of time. Right now, you can get paid rebates depending on your electricity provider. On average, the rebates start at around $3500. Over many years this can add up and you don’t have to put in any extra work either.

2. Solar panels available in Canberra have low maintenance costs

After you install your solar panels in Canberra, there are very few maintenance costs. The main costs include cleaning and potential wiring repairs.

Cleaning costs for solar panels in Canberra are very low or non-existent if you’re willing to put in some work. Plus, you only need to clean your panels once a year. If you want to hire some professional help, it’ll cost you around $119 depending on how many panels you have.

But, if you’re happy to put in some elbow grease, all it takes is a non-abrasive sponge and some water. Be careful not to use a high-pressure hose though, as it can damage your panels.

Besides cleaning, the wiring may need to be replaced on the odd occasion and your inverter will need replacing after 10-15 years. But your panels will last much longer since there are no moving parts. This makes it difficult for wear-and-tear to occur.

The great part is, solar panels available in Canberra have very long warranties. On average, the warranties are 10 years for your inverter and 25 years for your panels. This means you’ll be able to plan for these potential costs without surprises.

    3. Solar panels in Canberra harness a renewable energy source

    Most of the electricity we generate is from burning fossil fuels which make them disappear. But, solar is a truly renewable energy source that we’ll never run out of.

    And yes, scientists do say that the sun will die eventually but this isn’t for another 5 billion years so we have enough time to enjoy it. Regardless, we need to preserve the scarce resources we do have so we can enjoy them for years to come.

    On top of the energy being renewable, so are the materials that the panels consist of. Solar panels available in Canberra consist of glass, aluminium, plastic and silicon. All of these materials are at least 85% recyclable with aluminium reaching 100%.

    4. Using solar panels in Canberra helps save Australia’s scarce water resources

    Australia is the driest landmass in the world and right now and National Geographic says that Australia is on the brink of a water crisis. Traditional electricity generation uses billions of litres of water every year, solar on the other hand can reduce this by as much as 95%.

    Installing solar panels in Canberra don’t just help with air pollution and global warming but it can ease Australia’s water crisis as well.

    5. Solar energy is better for health

    Besides global warming, toxic emissions from burning fossil fuels contribute to air pollution. Gasses like carbon dioxide and methane end up in the air at greater amounts than normal. This can cause detrimental health issues like cancer, decreases in lung function and allergies.

    Installing solar panels in Canberra can help to combat these toxic emissions by reducing the use of fossil fuels.

      6. Solar panels have many uses

      Solar panels in Canberra can’t only generate electricity but they can generate heat as well. This helps curb your electricity use even further. And solar panels can provide electricity to many areas without access to the main grid.

      Soon solar energy generation will become a part of your home and not just an extra addition. Sharp released solar windows and balcony railings and many competitors are still catching up.

      7. Installing solar panels in Canberra can improve your quality of life

      Solar panels in Canberra don’t only help save money, they can improve the quality of life for many people. Whether you’re in an urban area or live out in the bush, solar power can provide many benefits.

      If you’re living off the beaten track, solar ensures that you have a steady supply of electricity and hot water. Living out in the bush, you can put all your available space to good use instead of relying on the power grid.

      And if you’re in an urban area, solar panels in Canberra have the ability to cover your electricity bill or at least most of it. What does this mean for you? Peace of mind in knowing you won’t have a huge bill at the end of the month.

      You can enjoy the comfort of using your aircon or heater without sacrificing an arm and a leg. Or take a long, hot shower after a hard day at work.

      So, what do you think? Are there enough benefits to installing solar panels in Canberra? We think so! From savings on your electricity bill to saving the environment, all the while increasing your quality of life, what more could you want?

      If you need the best advice for solar panel installation in Canberra, we’ve got you covered. Get in contact with us at Select Electrical, we’re a leading local installer of solar panels in Canberra.

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