Like every other piece of equipment, solar panels in Canberra can develop problems over time. These problems are likely to occur even if you stick with the best maintenance schedule. Solar panel problems can have several inconvenient consequences for your home or business. This is especially true if solar energy is your sole source of energy.

When your solar panels develop issues, your first instinct may be to panic. Electricity is vital to many tasks at home that can leave you helpless if you can’t do them. The best way to ensure that these problems don’t cripple your home for long is by regular servicing. A good solar panel installer in Canberra will offer you the best servicing schedule for your set up.

With regular maintenance, your local installers of solar panels in Canberra will help you prevent faults. You’ll also have a long time between major repairs because of proper solar panel maintenance.

So, what are some of these common problems that your solar panels in Canberra are likely to develop?

Let’s break them down below.


As the name suggests, these are tiny cracks that sometimes appear on the surface of solar panels. Most of these cracks are invisible to the naked eye and are a result of two main reasons. One of these reasons is the weather that the solar panels in Canberra are exposed to. Harsh weather such as hailstones can compromise the surface of the solar panels. Thermal cycling from the rise and fall in temperature can also cause micro-cracks.

Micro-cracks on solar panels can also be from poor handling of the panels, this is something that usually happens during installation. You may not notice the problem immediately but bad weather may cause bigger cracks and as the cracks grow they’ll affect your power output. This is why you should only use the best solar panel installation services in Canberra.

Potential Induced Degradation (PID)

This is a result of the difference in charges between the earthing and the solar panels. Solar panel installation uses earthing on the wires as a safety measure. But there could be an inconsistency in the number of electrical charges that the panels generate and the earthing. This could result in lost charges which results in lower power output to the main power circuit.

If left unchecked, PID can cause your solar panels in Canberra to generate less power. Over time, this can continue to deteriorate to a point where you get no power output. In the event of PID, your best bet is to call a local installer of solar panels in Canberra.

Internal corrosion

This is a common problem in places that are often hot and humid. Internal corrosion happens when the moisture in the air finds its way into the solar panels. When this moisture finds its way into the panels, the wires in the solar panels become exposed. This exposure can result in corrosion or oxidation of the wires.

As a result, your solar panels in Canberra will not produce electric current as expected. If you notice low voltage from your solar panels then you should call in a solar panel installation service in Canberra.

Hot spots

Hot spots are another common problem that your solar panels may experience. These hot spots happen when the solar panels get too warm or when they overload. The common cause of this problem includes the accumulation of dirt in the panels. It can also result from poor soldering of wires in the parts of the panels that generate electric charges.

Hot spots can have a dampening effect on your solar panels in Canberra. This is because your solar panels may offer a lower performance or even short circuit. If left unchecked, hot spots can damage your solar panels to the point where they’d need replacement. To avoid such costs, you need the repair services of a reputable solar panel installer in Canberra.


These creatures have a tendency to build their nests underneath solar panels and often leave their droppings everywhere. An effect of these droppings is that they increase the chances of dirt building up in the solar panels.

As if that’s not enough, birds can also scratch the wire connections to the solar panels. This will result in further damage to the wires and result in a poor output of electric charges.

Solar panel installers in Canberra should be able to tell you how best to prevent birds from interfering with your power output. But if you do happen to have droppings on your solar panels, it’s a good idea to clean them regularly. This is because these droppings can cause algae to grow on your solar panel surfaces if left on too long.

Faulty inverter

An inverter is an important component in solar panels as it converts the energy generated by the panels into usable energy. The power generated by the panels is direct current, but most electric appliances and functions use alternate current. For this reason, a problem in your inverter can affect the output of your solar panels.

One of the main causes of inverter problems is a faulty panel within your solar panel array. This will affect the conversion of electric output and the result will be poor output—or none in some cases. A local installer of solar panels in Canberra can help to diagnose and solve the problem.

Roofing damage

On some rare occasions, your roof can incur structural damage due to the solar panels. This will result in damage and rot that can affect your solar panel functions in the long run. A reliable solar panel installer in Canberra will help you assess the stability of your roof in order to avoid any structural damage that may affect your solar panels in Canberra.

What to do

At Select Electrical, we have experience in quality solar panel installations in Canberra. We understand that your solar panels are not immune to damage, that’s why we take the utmost care in every stage of the solar panel installation and maintenance process.

So, if you have a problem with your set up, feel free to give us a call. Our team of technicians will help you restore a steady supply of solar energy in your home or business.