A message from the director

Select Electrical and Solar Solution director Josh Hollis found himself disappointed at the industry-wide disconnect between the company and the customer. During his experience as an electrician, it seemed that there was always a focus on completing as many jobs as possible, and not enough time spent helping the customer and serving their needs.

In 2017, he started Select Electrical and Solar Solutions with a vision of providing clean, safe and renewable energy to Australians, with a focus on friendly and professional service.

We’re not just electricians, we’re innovators who are always looking for fresh new ways to provide enduring benefits to our customers. Every homeowner or business has individual needs, and we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke renewable solutions while maintaining compliance with Australian standards.

Our Values

Solar Panels Canberra
Solar Panels Installation Canberra


When we commence work with you, we’re committed to seeing the job through. We’ll work closely with your team, starting and finishing together. We’ll show up early every day, and ensure that the workspace remains clean and tidy.

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We believe that every person involved in our work is equal, and deserves respect, empathy and kindness.

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Honesty and integrity

We don’t shy away from hard work. Mistakes happen in every line of work, and we’ll always own up to ours and endeavour to fix them. We take feedback seriously and aim to continually improve based on our experience and commentary from our customers.

Solar Panels Canberra


At Select Electrical and Solar Solutions, we love what we do. We have a friendly culture and aim to make work fun for everyone involved.

Solar Panels Installation Canberra


We truly care about everyone on our team, each of our clients, and everything we do. We take the time to check in with people and really listen. We’re thorough and careful with our work, and if for some reason it’s not our best, we’ll redo it.