Are there times you feel like you rushed into solar too soon? Yes, everyone is talking about green energy, but should you have waited a while before installing your home’s solar system? While we don’t claim to have all the answers to your questions, this post will undoubtedly guide you in the right direction! Are you ready? Good! Let’s get down to it.

When Are Solar Panels Worth It Australia?

Installing solar panels is a good idea if you satisfy any of the following criteria:

  1. There’s Abundant Sunlight In Your Area

If you live in an area where the big yellow ball shines on your house non-stop, all day, then it would make a whole lot of sense if you took advantage of that abundant sunlight and installed a solar system. As long as climatic conditions hold, and you keep having many sunny days, generating your electricity via solar is a pretty good investment in the long run. What’s more, you’re helping keep the environment clean!

  1. Your Home Faces The North

The direction your home faces is essential for solar panel installation. If your home has a northern orientation to the sun, you have better chances of getting more direct radiation than if it faced any other direction, especially if you live in the Southern Hemisphere.

East-facing solar panels can also generate good energy yields, but if you want the most out of your solar system, you’d need to install your solar panels on the North-facing side of the house. If you’re not sure what direction your home faces, call us today at Select Electrical And Solar Solutions for a home inspection.

  1. There Is Enough Roof Space

Installing solar panels requires a sizable amount of space. The bigger your home is, the more energy it needs. The more solar panels you’d need to install to generate that energy!

Thus, you should have adequate space on your roof to accommodate whatever number of solar panels you need to install. It should also have very few “obstacles” (skylights, chimneys, and so on) that can reduce your roof’s surface area.

  1. Your Electricity Bills worry you !

If you’re always concerned about the huge electricity bill coming in from your electricity retailer, you are definitely better off installing a solar system for your home.

The amount of money you’d typically spend paying for electricity bills is the same you would save when you install a solar system in your home. So, if you stay in an area where the electricity bills are always high, going solar is an option you should not only consider but adopt! That way, you get to save some money for your next family vacation. A win-win situation for all!

  1. You Get Rewarded For Going Solar!

If your home is net-metered, you get utility credits from your electricity supplier for any extra electricity generated but not used by your home. If you’re lucky enough to stay in an area with good net metering laws, your home with its solar-powered system can be a mini power plant that produces additional electricity that you can sell off to your local distribution company and get rewarded with a discounted electricity bill at the end of the month!

If you have any other questions, give us a call today at Select Electrical And Solar Solutions for your solar panel installation?