Frequently Asked Questions

I just want a quote, why can’t you just send me one?
To provide you with an accurate quote, we follow a specific process that includes conducting a site inspection (if necessary) and carefully assessing your requirements. By doing so, we can ensure that all aspects of the project are considered, and there are no unexpected variations in the final price. We believe in transparency and want to discuss the quote in detail with you, so you have a clear understanding of the scope of work and the associated costs. This approach allows us to deliver a comprehensive quote tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the most accurate and competitive price possible.
Why do you have to come to my home?
An on-site assessment is necessary to provide an exact quotation. Our priority is to offer you a definitive price without unexpected fluctuations. Considering the intricacies of solar solutions, it’s highly recommended that we have a direct conversation to guide you through the entire process effectively. This approach ensures that all your requirements are met comprehensively.
How long does it take to get it installed when I accept the quote?
Once you accept to proceed you will be given your deposit invoice or finance application within 24 hours. Once your Deposit is received or finance is approved We will start the approval and admin process and this generally takes around 4 weeks.

In this process we organise your new smart meter install with your energy supplier, your Grid approval or SCR from the Grid owner (energy retailer) and arrange all stock and tentatively book your install.

Once we have the SCR approved we will book the next available date for install which is normally within 2 weeks. So this process is around 4-6 weeks from deposit paid to installed.

What happens if Select Electrical is not here in a few years for the warranty claims?
For any warranty claims, your first point of contact will be the installer. However, if the installer is no longer in business, you should get in touch with either the manufacturer or the company that provided the solar panel or inverter. This is not a problem because all commonly used brands have offices in Australia that can help you with your questions. Once you talk to the manufacturer and they confirm your warranty, they will arrange for a qualified electrician to come to your home and fix the issue. This repair will still be covered by the warranty.
What products or systems do you sell?
We engage with manufacturers listed under the Clean Energy Council’s approved panel and inverter list. This strategic approach enables us to remain current with market trends, guaranteeing the provision of optimal, high-quality systems tailored to the unique requirements of each homeowner. While we do maintain a roster of preferred brands renowned for their industry excellence, we are equally capable of accommodating your specific brand preferences, ensuring a personalised solution.
How long does it take for your team to install solar?
The typical installation duration for an average residential property spans approximately 6 to 8 hours, generally concluding within a single day in the majority of cases.
Do I have to be home for installation day?
Your presence is only required during the morning when our team commences the installation process. If you are at ease with it, you have the option to depart and then return once the installation is finalised. It’s important to note that an essential handover procedure necessitates your presence in the afternoon, as we finalise the work and obtain your sign-off on the completion of the project.
What finance options do you have?
We have established a partnership with a company known as Brighte, specialising in providing Green Loans tailored for various home improvements, including solar installations. The unique attributes of solar projects enable Bright to extend highly competitive interest rates within the industry. Their financing options encompass terms spanning from 2 to 7 years, strategically designed to optimise solar-related savings. This approach facilitates the creation of a cash flow positive investment scenario, where your annual repayments remain lower than the aggregate savings generated by your solar system. This not only negates any additional financial burden but also contributes to a sustainable investment that enhances the value of your property.
Why don’t you offer interest-free?

Nothing is free in life, and after evaluating interest-free options as a business, in some instances, we have up to a 40% fee added that we would then have to include in the solar pricing. We prefer an honest approach and provide a single cash or finance price so you are not misled in the process.

Why are you so expensive?
Yes, there are many cheap systems on the market, and as a locally highly reputable business, we prefer to offer quality systems with robust before and after-sales support. This level of support is not commonly provided in the industry by these cheap system suppliers. Additionally, we conduct the installation in-house, employing our own full-time team of electricians, rather than outsourcing the installation to other companies. This way, you receive a cohesive, end-to-end experience from a single business.
Are you a CEC accredited installer?
Yes, we are CEC accredited installers and are also proud to be one of only a small number of CEC approved Retailers. This means we have a higher standard to adhere to and enjoy better support as a solar business in Australia.
What happens if I have my roof damaged in the installation process?
Very rarely will any damage occur on the day. However, if you happen to notice any leaking tiles or encounter issues around the installation area over time, rest assured that you have 5 years of Workmanship cover to address these concerns. Furthermore, you are fully covered for any damages resulting from the installation process.
How long has Select Electrical been around?

Select Electrical has been servicing ACT and surrounding regions since 2017 and is experiencing rapid growth within the general electrical and solar market. Additionally, we have been engaged in some of the largest projects in the ACT, including sites such as CSIRO, Embassies, and Government Buildings.

Why should we use your team?
Unlike most solar-dependent companies, we are not solely a solar provider. We also engage in general electrical work, rendering our business more versatile and our future more sustainable. Our comprehensive workforce encompasses specialists covering all facets of our operations, along with a dedicated team of electricians for installations. Rather than outsourcing our work, we choose to keep it in-house to maintain stringent quality control. This approach is a rarity in the solar industry and distinguishes us from the competition.
Why do I need a smart meter?
Old analogue meters are recognisable by their small dial-like components, and they count in units such as 1, 10, 100, 1000, and 10,000. These meters solely track energy consumption as it increases over time. In contrast, solar energy involves a bidirectional flow, requiring the implementation of digital meters. These meters possess the capability to accurately compute energy transfers. This functionality enables them to discern instances when solar energy is in use, when energy is being exported to the grid for credits, or when grid energy is being used in excess of your solar generation.