In Canberra, going solar offers a great opportunity for home and business owners to reduce their electricity bills by using clean, permanent, renewable energy.

With increasing electricity prices, going solar has become more than just an environmentally friendly decision for many families and businesses; it’s also financially sound.

Even still, adopting solar is a significant undertaking. So we prepared this comprehensive and reader-friendly guide on picking the best solar panels in Canberra for your home or business to assist you in making this crucial decision with knowledge, accuracy, and confidence.

Here are five factors to consider when buying your solar panels.
The efficiency of the panels
Solar cell efficiency is the rate at which a solar panel converts sunlight into electricity via photovoltaics. A solar panel’s average cell efficiency ranges from 15 to 22 per cent.

This efficiency measures the module’s quality and its function over the next 25 years. So it’s no surprise that the most efficient solar panels also degrade the least and work well under unfavourable conditions. Although efficiency isn’t everything, more efficient panels will use less area on your roof—which means you can fit more within your space.

While knowing the average is important, the efficiency varies depending on the brand of your solar panel. So it’s important to make sure the price of the system is in line with the panels’ efficiency.
Because so many elements influence solar panel output, measuring the performance of the actual module can be challenging. Manufacturers must, however, provide a guarantee of the panel’s performance after 25 years, based on laboratory tests.

The performance ratio is typically around 80%, indicating the extent of degradation after 25 years. However, after 25 years, the best panels have better production ratios, with top-of-the-line models reaching over 90%.

In general, solar panels degrade slightly year after year, with output decreasing by 0.3 to 1.0 per cent.
Warranties on solar panels
Another critical factor to consider is the solar panel manufacturer’s warranty; this ensures that your panel will continue to function correctly. The performance warranty should not be confused with the product warranty. Product warranties range from ten to twenty-five years.

When a manufacturer is willing to offer a more extended product guarantee, it usually means they’re making a higher-quality panel.
Local installers of solar panels in Canberra
When purchasing solar panels, it’s crucial to evaluate whether the company has an office and representatives in Canberra. It is frequently a sign of their dedication to the local market. The warranty claims will be far more challenging if they do not maintain an office here.

You’ll have a solar panel system for a long time. So you need a reliable and trustworthy installation. Local, reliable solar installers with excellent customer reviews provide the most personalized customer care on solar projects, which is why we suggest them.
Value for your money
The final factor to consider is whether the system will provide value for your money. Unfortunately, determining value depends on your personal situation.

For example, if you plan to keep your home for the next 25 years, then it may be a good idea to splurge on the top solar panels. However, if you plan to sell the home within the next ten years, it may be worth opting for cheaper panels.

While price is crucial, it’s even more critical to ensure you’re getting a high-quality panel that won’t fail you. After all, price isn’t the only determinant of quality.
Types of solar panels
There are three major types of solar panels in Canberra—monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film (amorphous.) Each solar cell is produced differently and has a distinct aesthetic aspect.

The most common solar panel installations in Canberra are monocrystalline solar panels. The solar cells are made by placing silicon crystals into pure molten silicon at a high temperature. It produces