REVEALED: How Canberra Homeowners Are Saving up to 75% On Their Electricity Bills

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Save Up To 75% Off Your Electricity Bill

Select Electrical and Solar helps homeowners save on their electricity bills. Leaving you with more funds to enjoy life.

There is 1 simple truth your power company doesn’t want you to know

There is a little-known government rebate that qualifies Canberra home-owners for $1000’s of Government funding to install solar panels.

Has your power company told you that?

Many Canberra homeowners are shocked that subsidies and rebates cover $1,000’s of the costs associated with installation while slashing the bills by up to 75%.

If you qualify, you could be on your way to significantly reducing your electrical bill in a matter of weeks.

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How Does it work?

Thousands of Canberra homeowners who would love to go solar don’t realise the Government will pay for part of your system.

Many homeowners actually qualify
for solar panels and don’t even know it!

The best part about the program is that these solar panels will dramatically lower your electricity bill by as much as 75%. See what’s possible today so you don’t miss out on the biggest money saving tool for you.

Can I really save thousands on my power bill each year?

The Government would like as many people as possible to switch to solar because solar is cheaper, and better for long-term economic strength.

In the past, the biggest problem is that the cost of going solar is expensive. To make it more accessible, the Australian Government is now quietly assisting families by paying a large portion of their system.

How Do I see if I qualify?

The Government will help you afford the system with generous rebates and incentives and your lowered bills will help pay off any weekly payments.

It’s a serious score for homeowners because now the value of your home will increase and you can save thousands of dollars on your electricity bill throughout the year.

See How Much You can save

Take the first step to see if you qualify, it’s 100% free and only takes about 30 seconds.

Simply answer a few questions below, then we will be in touch to see if you qualify and how much you can save.

Important: Only available for
homeowners on new solar installations.

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