Select Electrical and Solar Solutions have a proven rack record with both commerical and residential projects having completed solar projects at CSIRO, The Bosnian Embassy, Red Hill Nursing Home, and multiple Canberra wide residential homes to name a few.

Solar Panels Installation Canberra


Project: Installation of 454 x 330w panels, 150kW Solar Install

Working closely with the CSIRO on north science road, The team worked early mornings and late nights to see this job through on a very tight schedule. The team completed this job in just six days.


bosnian Embassy

Project: Installation of 145 x 275w Panels, 40kW Solar Install

Working with international bodies is an important aspect of our business. This 40kW solar install is located atop the Bosnian Embassy.


Local Installers Of Solar Panels Canberra
Solar Panels Canberra Installation

RAR Cranes

Project: Installation of 227 x 330w Panels, 75kW Solar Install

We always enjoy working with other local businesses in Canberra delivering this install along with a full LED lighting upgrade that will go a log way to ensuring this customer won’t be worrying about their next bill.


Residential, Canberra act

Project: Installation of a 20Kw Solar System

With such a lovely home it is easy to understand why there were some very precious requirements in this 20kW installation, one of which was that the solra panels were not visible from the road or driveway. The team were very proud to achieve this, especially considering there were 72 panels to be installed!


Solar Panels Canberra
Solar Panels Installation Canberra

Residential, Canberra ACT

Project: Installation of ground mounted 6kW Solar System

Through great use of some unused space at one of our client’s rural properties, it shows that with a little extra effort and thought that everyone can play their part in a greener future.


Residential, Canberra act

Project: Residential Enphase Battery Installation

We work with a range of products to ensure we meet each customer’s needs. This customer had an existing solar system but wanted to use their energy in a smarter way. This 4.8kWh Enphase AC battery installation was enough to meet their needs but is simple and flexible to install, allowing us to later scale their storage capacity if required.

The best part? The Enphase battery works with any PV system for easy retrofits.


Local Installers Of Solar Panels Canberra