More and more homeowners are considering installing solar panels, and many have already made the switch. However, a significant number of people are still sceptical about whether they should install solar panels in Canberra.

The reason is often down to the price tag of solar systems and whether they provide enough value for money.

So the question is, are solar panels in Canberra worth spending money on?

The short answer is, yes! Solar panels in Canberra are indeed true value for money.

It may put a big dent in your budget in the beginning, but over time it’s likely that you’ll save more than you spend.

Want to know why?

Then keep reading to learn about the four key benefits of installing solar panels in Canberra.
Why are Solar Panels in Canberra Worth Your Money?
While the price of a solar system might seem hefty, in reality, they pay back your investment by saving you money. Since solar panels first become commercial, their efficiency has increased significantly while their prices have gone down more than 60%.

Besides that, solar panels may also increase the value of your property, are better for the environment and have the potential to wipe out your electricity bills.
Solar Panels Enable You to Save Big on Your Energy Bills
Having a solar system installed means lower energy bills. Why? Because a solar system produces electricity using a free resource that we call sunlight.

You will either have low electricity bills or no bills at all with a solar system in place because most of your required electricity will come from the panels.

However, one mistake that people make is expecting solar panels to lower their bills dramatically when they use the majority of their electricity at night. A remedy for this is to install a battery pack to store excess electricity during the day and make it available for use at night.

Buying solar panels in Canberra might be a significant upfront investment, but once installed, you will start to reap the benefit of lower energy bills each month.

Also, one more thing to consider is the price of energy. As time passes, energy prices tend to go up instead of down. However, with a solar panel system in Canberra, you won’t have to worry about fossil fuel prices.
Solar Systems May Increases the Value of Your Property
Don’t think of buying solar panels as an expense. Instead, think of it as an investment with tonnes of benefits. One such benefit is the potential increase of your home’s value.

But how do solar panels in Canberra increase the value of your property?

People who buy homes with installed panels generally pay more because:

● The system will lower their electricity bills
● They don’t have to deal with the installation of the system

Bear in mind that this advantage is on top of the money you will save each month on your energy bills.
Solar Panels Serve as Your Saviour During Electricity Shutdowns
Thanks to global warming, climate changes are happening all around the world causing unpredictable weather. Due to this phenomenon, rain, storms and even heavy wind flow are expected repercussions.

Such weather conditions can cause power outages and damage electrical connections. But these will not be your worries if you have a solar system with a battery backup.

To ensure you’re protected against outages, make sure that your battery storage is big enough to hold electricity for at least a day or two. That way, if your solar panels can’t quite generate enough electricity due to adverse weather, you’ll still have some reserves.
Solar Panels are Better for the Environment
It feels great to have low or non-existent electricity bills. However, solar panels have much more to offer than this. Keeping the monetary benefits aside, solar panels are also a great investment for our planet and are a way that we can combat climate change.

With the help of sunlight, solar systems produce electricity that has zero adverse effects on the environment. And they do all of this while producing 80% fewer carbon emissions than electricity generated with fossil fuels.

By installing solar panels in Canberra, you can invest in a brighter, cleaner, and much more desirable future for the world and your loved ones. The cleaner the earth, the more sustainable the environment!

Where Should You Head When You Need Solar Panel Installation in Canberra?
Investing in high-quality solar panels is not cheap. That’s why it’s best to avoid the companies out there who offer cheap alternatives since they are not worth your time and money. Lousy installation and poor-quality solar panels are risky and can turn out to be your worst nightmare.

So when it comes to solar panel installation in Canberra, you need a trusted company to rely upon. And this is where our services come into play.

Here at Select Electrical, we have many trusted and qualified electricians and installers that can provide you with a hassle-free installation of solar panels in Canberra.

So no matter if you want solar panels in your home, office, or any other facility, just give us a call at 02 6103 0505 to speak to one of our certified solar panel installers.

Final Thoughts
It seems like saving money on your electricity bill, lowering your carbon footprint, helping the environment, and increasing your home value all are indeed possible with a solar system.

And having solar panels installed is an investment that will serve you in the long run.

If you have any specific questions on whether solar panels are the right investment for you, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ll be waiting for your call!